Reflecting on 2019 & Goals for 2020

So here it begins…

2019 started with a bang like every year. Just like a year before that, during 2019 NYE I went back to this post of Avicii, which still means a lot to me and is my inspiration for 2020 as well.

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2019 taught me a lot about importance of team building and team work, productivity, writing better code as well the need and importance of communication. Also not to forget, I started my career this year, which was the highlight of 2019. Along with that, few other key moments were winning Technical Excellence Award @ SIES GST, Finishing my Undergraduate Project on Capsule Networks, Trending on GitHub for pytorch-cpp and Saying Good Bye to my SIESGSTarena Team.

Excited with 2019 ending, today I sent a message to few people which said −
Challenge: Describe 2019 in not more than 5 words

I just wanted to know more about them and I was looking for some creative answers. Fastfoward… while talking today with my friend Jane, I realized I am actually collecting some data and can do some analysis. Let me show you what I came up with that data(set)!

BTW, Jane is my modest-Konkani friend with whom I can go dutch on exploring new food options
NYE Challenge
Took me few minutes to load, preprocess and do some analysis.

NYE Challenge
Weird 5 word responses

NYE Challenge
Only 2 people are Negative about 2019 and 15+ people are Neutral whereas 10+ are Positive about 2019

It was really a fun experience and found that people are actually not that happy about 2019 :) Its time to change it. Sometimes all you need is a fresh start

Here are my Goals for 2020

I’m going to keep it really simple:

  1. Get well-versed with System Design & Practical Distributed Systems
  2. Implement atleast 2 Research Papers
  3. Publish one paper on my research work in my favourite category of Machine Learning (a dream not a goal)
  4. Learn to play one Musical Instrument
  5. Get converted to Emacs Religion
  6. Increase Productivity with Bullet Journaling

If you too are planning on doing any of it, do ping me. Hopefully, we can collaborate on some projects or learning sessions.

In Avicii’s words: Pause 2019, Play 2020! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I am becoming seriously allergic to 500-pound websites.