I am a Software Engineer at Cogito Corp working on building systems powered by Machine Learning for guiding users in Contact Centers. My current focus is intersection of Distributed Systems and Machine Learning.

Before this, I was at Eastern Enterprise, ConnectWise and interned at Unotech Software and AutoNxt Automation.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from SIES Graduate School of Technology, India where I was focused on playing with technology, problem solving & building a tech community. I went on to establish and work on several initiatives like SIESGSTarena Platform, CodeChef Campus Chapter, Facebook Developer Circles Mumbai, ACM ICPC Team of SIES GST.

On the side, I maintain pytorch-cpp (C++ implementation of PyTorch tutorials), TorchExpo (PyTorch model conversion tool and its ecosystem for mobile), and several other side projects (arXiv GraphQL API, Frisky, etc). I often tweet and post pictures from my work/travel.

I’m best reached via email. I’m always open to interesting conversations and collaboration.